The Incanto

The Incanto

by | 23 May 2022 | News

Glass Pendants

The blown glass chandelier “‎Incanto”‎, made in an Art Deco style. «‎Incanto»‎ has an Italian charm thanks to the unusual bell-shaped lamps, enclosed in the arms of a metal dodecahedron.

The mysterious geometry of the pentagonal shape is enriched in its interior of a pyramidal crystal block artisan worked in ice crystal and smoked crystal. The steel parts are finished in polished gold 24kar or polished nickel.

The light source is a 36W LED lamp with a luminous flux of 2700 lm.

This gorgeous piece of “art” is available in two frame options:

  • polished nickel
  • 24K gold.
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Juan J. Rodríguez


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