Ulaop Wall Lamp

Simple tubular metal structures give life to a series of products including wall lamps, suspensions, and floor lamps, minimal and elegant structures that are waiting to transfer energy. This happens from the moment we go to place the luminous element on them, an opal plexiglass ring that lights up and diffuses light to the environment. The vision of use would be to install various types of products using a minimum of light rings to transfer them from one structure to another depending on the need of the moment. Lamp with Dimmer included.

Part Number Color Dimensions Material Lamp Type Specifications
AP-01 Ø24 056.057.02.
AP-01 Ø24 056.057.02./D
AP-01 Ø24 056.057.52.
AP-01 Ø24 056.057.52./D
AP-01 Ø28 056.057.01.
AP-01 Ø28 056.057.01./D
AP-01 Ø28 056.057.51.
AP-01 Ø28 056.057.51./D
.2427 white-gold paint
.3527 black-gold paint
Ø 24cm(9.44")
Ø 28cm(11.02")
metal LED Specification Sheet PDF
AP-02 SX 056.057.12.
AP-02 SX 056.057.12./D
AP-02 SX 056.057.62.
AP-02 SX 056.057.62./D
AP-02 DX 056.057.13.
AP-02 DX 056.057.13./D
AP-02 DX 056.057.63.
AP-02 DX 056.057.63./D
.2427 white-gold paint
.3527 black-gold paint
L 50cm(19.68") metal LED Specification Sheet PDF
AP-03 SX 056.057.22.
AP-03 SX 056.057.22./D
AP-03 SX 056.057.72.
AP-03 SX 056.057.72./D
AP-03 DX 056.057.23.
AP-03 DX 056.057.23./D
AP-03 DX 056.057.73.
AP-03 DX 056.057.73./D
.2427 white-gold paint
.3527 black-gold paint
L 80cm(31.49") metal LED Specification Sheet PDF

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