The triangualted pendant lamp Soyuz combines metal sheets into a timeless and elegant designer lamp. The lamp is suitable both, individually as “eye-catcher” but also in series over a dining table, a long table, a sideboard, a desk, a bar or anywhere in the room in scene place. Due to its minimalistic design Soyuz can be combined with any style.


Part Number Color Dimension Material Lamp Type Specifications
1080-BB(B)-001-DD-E .02 Black
.03 White
.10 Inox
.100 Chocolat
.101 Soft Pink
.102 Soft Yellow
.103 Soft Blue
.104 Soft Green
.105 Cream
.106 Blue
.107 Yellow
.108 Green
.109 Red
.110 Brass
.124 Kaki
.112 Gold Paint
Ø350mm (13,77") x 190mm(0,39") Metal E26

Specification Sheet PDF

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