“Slice” pendant is an eye-catching lamp that reveals the seductive charm of an incomparable light experience able to give your living environments new identity and appeal. Available in: White, Black, Black-white, Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Copper leaf, White-gold leaf, White-silver leaf, White-copper leaf, Black-gold leaf, Black-silver leaf, Black-copper leaf finishes.

Part Number Color Dimension Material Lamp Type Specifications
S 14 055.340.00
S 14 055.340.01
.24 White
.35 Black
.20 Gold Leaf
.21 Silver Leaf
.22 Copper Leaf
Ø 14cm(5.51") x 35cm(13.77") x 150cm(59.05")
metal E26
K3000 9W 800lm

Specification Sheet PDF

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