Materica Stick

Materica is a collection of sculptural elements from which the passion for the raw material, cement, emerges decisively. Cement declined in a refined play of volumes and colors. A real technical challenge, an extreme and innovative design choice to give an instant of unexpected magic and lightness. The collection consists of suspensions powered by Led Line.

Part Number Color Dimension Material Lamp Type Specifications
XX 055.051.10 .02 Brass
.13 Concrete
.24 White
Different sizes: 100cm(39.37") x 6.5cm(2.55") x 100cm(39.37") -5.8kg / 150cm(59.05") x 6.5cm(2.55") x 150cm(59.05") - 8kg / 200cm(78.74") x 6.5cm(2.55") x 200cm(78.74") - 15.2 kg concrete LED

Specification Sheet PDF

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