Juxt Pendant

Juxt is a hanging lamp, characterized by extreme elegance and formal simplicity, suitable for any kind of setting, thanks to its discreet design. Juxt has got an elliptical shape and a double surface: the external surface has got linear and fluid lines, the internal surface is irregular. When you turn on the light, these two surfaces create an amazing light effect. It is suitable only for indoor use.


Name Part Number Color Dimensions Material Lamp Type Specifications
Juxt SD JUX050
.LA Light White
.LD Light Red
.LC Light Orange
.LB Light Yellow
.LR Light Green
.LS Light Pink
.LL Light Blue
Check the SPECSHEET for more color options
41cm(16") x 33cm(13") h 50 cm(20") polyethylene E 26 Specification Sheet PDF

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