Bangster Hoody Wall

Bangster Hoody wall light offers unparalleled style with its spherical shape.

This luminaire dresses your entrances, receptions and bars with elegance.

Bangster is available in a two version and in two different diameters: 20 and 30cm.

This luminaire offers you quality lighting and can be placed in any room for an elegant and designer look.

Part Number Color Dimension Material Lamp Type Specifications
32147-BB(B)-071200-II 2147-BB(B)-90420H-II-K 2199-BB(B)-071200-II-JJ(J) 2199-BB(B)-90420H-II-JJ(J)-K 02.Black 03.White 110. Brass BANGSTER HOODY WALL 1 : Ø200mm(7.81″) x 275mm(10.82) x 376mm(14.78″) BANGSTER HOODY WALL 2:
Ø666mm(26.22″) x 530mm(20.86″)
Glass, Metal LED Specification Sheet PDF

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